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    Question Mobile Me iDisk Web Access code?

    I just recently watched the tutorial for Mobile Me iDisk at For a long time I've had my own "pseudo-iDisk" (AFP and Samba shares off of an iMac I use as a full time server). I love apple's new "Browse, upload to, and download to" web interface for the iDisk (anyone know what that system is actually called?)

    Is there any way I can recreate this feature on my own website? The script itself would be on a real hosed website with the user log in area, but it would browse the afp/samba share hosed of the imac.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Look into WebDAV. WebDAV can be accessed similar to iDisk off any Apache web server that supports it (look for mod_dav). We support an iDisk like system called WebDisk that's easily configurable through our control panel. Many web hosts also support this system. It may already be available to you.
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    Hi MacHighway,

    Thanks for the reply. Sadly, my hosting provider doesn't support webdav and I tried setting it up on my at home panther imac server and couldn't get it to work.

    Do you know of a way to enable webdav in OSX 10.3? And when I do that, what can I use to do the online "file browsing"?


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