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    Cool iWeb 08 - saving iweb project
    I am sure this question has been asked many times, but..... I created a website on a macbook pro with iWeb 08. I just purchased a new macbook with iWeb 09 and I really do not want to re-create the whole site again. Is there a way to FTP to my mobile me account to back-up the website or save it to a external drive. Help....


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    You need to copy the project folder in your home folder hierarchy;
    Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain.sites2

    You might be able to simply connect the two machines via an ethernet cable creating a one-to-one network, log into the other machine and drag and drop that file, which is actually a folder. You would turn on File Sharing via the Sharing tab of the System Preferences. When you turn that on it will tell you the path to access the machine. Finally use Command-K to open the connection window and type what you saw in the other computers Share preferences. They may not be clear as there is a lot of detail to describe.

    When Mac users upgrade they often use 'Migration Assistant' found in the Applications/Utilities folder to transfer their files, emails and preferences to the new machine. I've only used it via a firewire connection and am not sure of the other connection methods that can be used.
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