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Thread: problem with navigation menu in my web page

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    problem with navigation menu in my web page
    Hi, I'm trying to design a web site.
    I've a document for the html code and a document for the CSS code that is linked to the html doc. No problems with that.

    The problem is that in the navigation menu on the home page I have a 'Home' button (as most web sites do).
    The link set for this is obviously the home page document (ie. <a href="homepage.htm">Home</a>) But when viewed in a browser this button 'behaves' differently from the other buttons in the menu.

    The font changes and is underlined. If I change the document in the link to a non-existent document however (ie. <a href="nothing.htm">Home</a>), it looks as it's intended to look (like the other navigation buttons in the menu) But obviously when it's clicked on it's not going to work.

    I'm assuming it's because the page I'm looking at is what's in the link (the link is effectively active), and I'm guessing the same problem will occur when I use the menu on the other web page documents.

    Could it be inheriting the style from a default rule I'm unaware of? Do I just need to use a special code when using a button for this purpose?

    I've tried adding an a:active etc. rule in the CSS but this doesn't help.

    It's complicated to explain but if anyone can understand what error I've made and can help I would really appreciate it as this has stumped me!

    Thanks, James

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    If you want to pm a link to the site, I'll take a look. It's hard to say what's going on but it's got to be a problem in the css file.

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