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    Easiest Web Builder ?
    I have Freeway Express, IWEB and Rapid weaver, which one is a WYSIWYG.
    I haven't had time yet to work on any of them, and used Front Page on my PC and LOVED it.
    Anyone on here know which is easiest to learn?

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    How sophisticated are you looking at getting with your web design? Certain editors will constrain your freedom but are better suited for different levels of skills.
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    Freeway is probably the closest to FrontPage amongst all those 3
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    All of those programs are essentially WYSIWYG builders. In my opinion iWeb would be the easiest to build with, but it's flexibility is limited and some features only work if you host with MobileMe. RapidWeaver is a little more difficult, but way more flexible and it has a large base of users/support, and all of it's features will work on any web host. However you may find both of the above to be too limiting if you are used to Frontpage. Freeway Express and Freeway are probably similar in features to what you are used to.
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