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Thread: Change Apache dir from Sites

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    Change Apache dir from Sites
    I have my iMac and I have been trying to get ftp and whatnot sharing with other computers including PC's. Well it is not up to par and I am wonder how do I change the directory that the apache web server looks for the files (ie. right now it looks in the /Users/yourname/Sites). Ideally I want to have two directories, /Users/yourname/ and /Volumes/Maxtor (an external HD). I don't care about a website, the ugly directory thing is find, I just want to have access to my files. Also would it be possible to have read/write access. Thanks

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    The default folder the webserver looks in is actually /Library/WebServer/Documents/ - so if you type in http://localhost/ it will display whatever is in there. If you're looking to share files, using apache is probably not the best way to do it. Is normal file sharing not working? If you want to specify folders to share, sharepoints will take care of that for you.
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    If you're really set on messing with this, you'll have to edit the httpd.conf file. It can be found in /etc/httpd/

    Sharing an entire user folder like that is extremely risky, though. Anyone who can see your machine would be able to read everything.

    I'd strongly suggest you use either FTP, or smb/sharepoints as muso suggested. Enabling remote login (ssh) might be useful, too.

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    i found out what was wrong with my network sharing. I was successfully using sharepoints earlier but then it messed up for some reason (happened when I moved my computeer) and even after deleting all sharepoints files (that weren't hidden...) and reinstalled sharepoints it still wouldn't work. I read up on sharepoints web site and found the files that need to be deleted, they include the smb.conf file in /etc/ and the netinfo sharepoints file. I did that and now it works :cool:

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