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    Classroom in a book?
    I used to do basic graphics work back in HS then i went to AAC and took up Graphic Design as a major. Long story short, I've been on a 4 year hiatus from the Design field. I Finally got my ducks in line and I'm ready to continue. Before my classes start in the fall I wanna do some catching up with illustrator and photohop and any other programs I probably missed while I was away. I am thinking of pickin up some books any titles you could recommend would be appreciated. And what do you think of the Classroom in a Book series?

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    I just started my first graphic design class this semester, and I'm taking a vector class, using Illustrator CS, and Freehand MX. For Illustrator, we are using the same book that you are thinking about, Classroom in a Book. The book is excellent, if you never have work with Illustrator CS or vector art period. The book introduces the basics to illustrator cs tools and all it has to offer. But the book does not show you really how to do anything amazing. But I would still recommend book, before you decide to do anything more advanced, or you'll just be lost. But another book that was purchased for me to use with Photoshop 7, really teaches you how to do amazing things with Photoshop. It's called Photoshop 7 WOW! Book by Jack Davis. So, if the book was good then with Photoshop 7, I'm sure it is great now with Photoshop CS.

    WOW! Series:

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