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    Wordpress mp3 Problem
    Hey everyone. I'm pretty new to Wordpress and blogging in general and have a problem with my site. I use my blog primarily to promote my music, but I cannot seem to get mp3s to play on first click on my site. I've used many plugins including Diskography, inline player, etc. but all require me to click pause and then play again after first clicking play. Is there something in the php I need to change so the mp3s will load correctly?

    Other points:
    - all plugins were combatible with my version of Wordpress (the latest version)
    - mp3s will play eventually, but after hitting play the first time, the user must hit pause and play again for the file to actually play
    - you can find the link in my sig.

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    its possible u have to write your own PLUGIN according to u r need. I am tring another type of plugin on my website Bollywood Movies - Hindi Movies, Bollywood Movie, Watch Hindi Movies, New Hindi Movies, Free Hindi Movies, Hindi Movies Online

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