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    Question Can I make a customer order page in iWeb?
    I am a first time iWeb user. I believe I am running on 2.0 (I have a year old macbook). I am creating a website where potential customers can submit information/ questions and also order services. How do I go about this with iWeb? Is this even an option. It seems iWeb is more geared towards those wanting a personal site rather than business. This form will require fill in and drop down.


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    As I understand it, you are correct. iWeb is much more for personal use than business use, although nothing will stop you from using it in that way. However, it may not look quite as 'business-like'. Although many sites that are for business are pretty bad looking, so you may be a step ahead.

    One thing to keep in mind is security. If you are going to ask the user to submit personal information (specifically thinks like credit card information), you'll want to make sure you have the site encrypted with SSL. If you are just taking contact information, you may have less need for it.

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    Hey Angie,

    You can include forms etc (do some google digging) but PayPal offer some useful buttons and a shopping cart (secure and the PayPal costs are minimal for the service) which you could include into your pages. Check out some of my pages for an idea of what can be achieved:

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