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    Any site review, guys
    Thanks all for this great forum ...really liked it...
    I wonder if you have a section for site reviews....since I'm still new here and this is "anything goes"section, let me request a thing
    Can some one review my website
    I'd appreciate any advice from experts about increasing traffic at this new site, if possible...Any feedback, evaluation, suggestion is greatly appreciated! And multiple thanks in advance…..!!

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    Mar 11, 2009
    Things I notice:

    0) The HTML Validator comes up with 129 errors when I input your source. It's probably less than that because some errors will cascade, but it would be good for you to go through and fix them as a first step.

    1) The menu on the left. Hyperlinks are very small, and could be both bigger and styled to stand out. Why is the top menu indented what looks like one level as compared to the lower menu?

    2) The navigation menu on the top ("Home" , "Login", etc). Why is the "Register" and "About Us" link in the same pink box?

    3) The images under the boxes such as "The Hanging Church" etc aren't the same width as the beige box itself. I find that a little distracting/messy, especially since the text is limited to the width of the photo.

    3a) The boxes surrounding the text aren't the same size.

    4) The "Photo Gallery" image is not centered in the sidebar.

    5) Move the "Giza Pyramids", "Nile in Aswan", etc. pictures/hyperlinks above the Google ads.

    6) What is the small horizontal line in the top left under "Egyptopia: your gate to Egypt" ?

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