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    Hey,I'm new here,and I'd just like to ask a question...

    Can anyone show me how to host a site made in iWeb without MobileMe?

    I saved the site as a folder

    I read some tutorials and I really don't get it.
    I downloaded a software called "Easy iWeb Publisher" but it didn't really help.
    And above all I can't find a site that will host my site...

    Someone help please!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Mar 11, 2009
    You need a web hosting service where you can upload your .html files via ftp or ssh. Check the sticky on the top of this forum.

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    Not matter whether you use PC or Mac to create websites you can you similar programs, and the web hosting services that you need a the same as technical specifications.

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    We host thousands of sites by iWeb users. We have directions on our site for uploading your iWeb created web site in our knowledge base here.

    These are designed for MacHighway hosted sites, but should work well with most other standard web hosting companies. Or you can host with us instead
    Chris Graves
    President, MacHighway
    Real Web Hosting for Mac Users, by Mac Users, Since 1997

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    Hi, I also use Machighway. I've used many other web hosting services over the years and I can honestly say they are great! Customer Service (rarely needed if at all), is fast and friendly. I've never had any downtime or issues. They are just great!

    As stated above their knowledge base in extensive and directions are easy to follow. I am just a very satisfied customer and hope to stay with them for years!

    I hope this helps anyone else looking for a Mac friendly service :-)

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