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    iWeb and FTP -- Cannot make connection
    I am new to the mac world and web design. I previously had been working on a website with joomla on my old pc, but never completely finished it. I have redone my website in iWeb, which is very simple and intuitive, but now I cannot publish it using FTP. I do not want to go the MobileMe route since I already have a domain and hosting service. Basically after I enter all of the server credentials and try a test connection, it says "Testing failed, a connection to could not be established" That is the correct server. Another thing is, from a PC, I can log into the cpanel of my website, but I cannot from safari. I have also downloaded cyberduck, but I was unable to make a connection there as well. Any help or direction would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    update on this...i'm over trying to publish through iWeb, but I want to use an FTP server like Cyberduck or FileZilla to publish the folder. I've tried to connect with both of these programs, and neither will let me connect to the server. I was, however, able to connect via FTP with a PC though in the same house. I could simply transfer the folder to the PC everytime, but that defeats the purpose in my opinion. Is there a setting or something preventing me from connecting to an FTP server on my mac?

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    Do you have the proper port settings? FTP uses port 21, SFTP uses port 22.

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    yes, i used port 21...also i tried to access my work website through their server credentials and couldn't do that either.

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    Hi there is a glitch in iWeb all windows hosts do not work try getting a mac or Linux host whereas cyberduck not connecting to the server is not a common problem so I'm blank

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    I suggest you check your setup again. Make sure you didn't mis-spell the host or user name. If it doesn't work try using this.
    If that still doesn't work look for a new host.

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