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    How To Link To Folder On Web Site With No "index.html"
    I have a working web site running on my G-3 Mac using the Apache server. I am using Cox cable and the computer is behind a router. I had to use a different port than the default 80 because Cox blocks that port.

    I would like to have a link to a folder that I could use for downloads. So there would be a text link on the home page titled "Downloads". When clicked, I want it to open with just the files in the folder. There's no index.html file in this folder. I have tried all kinds of different link techniques but can't make anything work.

    This works if the initial home page doesn't have an index.html file. It just displays the files and directories in the browser window. I am not sure it's a browser issue, an Apache issue, or an ISP issue.

    Bill Bevan

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgbevan@earthli View Post

    This works if the initial home page doesn't have an index.html file. It just displays the files and directories in the browser window.
    ...which is exactly what is supposed to happen.
    It's how HTML works.

    If you're not sourcing an index file, then it will just open a browser showing the files in the location you link to.
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    I think Bill means; how to create a link to a folder. Also he may be doing it but it isn't working.

    This is an Apache issue. I think what you want is a forward slash at the end of your folder path such as; .../Downloads/
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    Problem Fixed, Thanks For The Help
    Yes, adding the slash "/" to the end of the URL solved the problem. In this case changing




    Download Center is a hyperlink on the home page to that directory. Visitors can use other hyperlinks at the site to view pictures, etc. and when I want to them to be able to download a large file, I can just place it in the directory "Download Center". When they click on the file in their browser window, the file downloads automatically. Better than email or having to fool around with FTP server/clients.

    Thanks for the solution and my apologies for the slow response.

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