Specifically in v.85.8.1

I don't know if any of you know where there is a listed or documented list of Earlier version of safari bugs?

I have been in touch with the developers and working with them to fix this.

The problem i'm having is this(hope there's some javascript guru's here):

page 1 is loaded.
user clicks on submit button on page 1 which opens a new window.
new window displays "please wait message"
javascript executes a .php which is supposed to output results to
the new window but this never happens. Here is a snippet of the code.

document.credform.target = "newWin";
document.credform.JavaCheck.value = "enabled";
document.credform.Error_Msg.value = "";
newWin = window.open("pleaseWait.html", 'newWin');
document.credform.action = "process.php";
newWin.window.opener = window;
return true;

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated... or if you know of where i could to post this
sort of thing that would be great.