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EvoMac 02-17-2005 11:39 AM

Setting up PHP and PHP Nuke
Hey I just got my first mac and trying to learn as much as I can about it. Right now my current project is getting my a webserver up that is PHP enabled. I have installed PHP v5.x.x (dont remember) and have PHP nuke folder copied to my sites folder. However when I try to access any of the php pages I get "forbidden". I'm assuming that it is something with apache that I need to configure in order to get this to work properly.

Can someone give me some advice with this or perhaps a good link that shows enabling php on mac OS X. Thanks in advance.

vtupser 02-17-2005 06:25 PM

I would suggest dl the latest php model from this website: It installs it onto your computer for your computer to recognize php and be able to use it through the Apache web server. I have used it for a while now and all you need to do is save all your php files into your sites folder of your mac.

EvoMac 02-18-2005 12:38 PM

I installed that as well as started the MYSQL server. When trying to access any site on my webserver PHP nuke displays a message that says

There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience.

We should be back shortly.

However I can run PHPmyAdmin and it loads perfectly fine.

Does anyone have a copy of a config.php file that they can post here... blank out the pw's but I can't figure out how to get it to pick up so that I can access admin.php to start setting it up.

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