I installed iLife '09 on my aluminum MacBook about a month ago and was messing around with it today when I began to thing about something. I completely forgot that I have a website set up with Dotster. I set it up in December of 2004 and updated it online on my old PC for a while. Then out of the blue last September or October, the website stopped working. After trying to contact Dotster many times, I found that they had stopped using Trelix and went to a new service. Dotster began hosting my site again in November (the month I bought my MacBook). I was glad this had happened until I began to completely hate the new host (which I'm forgetting the name of). I remember that I could only go into this new host using Firefox and not Safari, and the host was very user-unfriendly and I didn't like it. I tried building a site using iWeb '08, but direct uploading didn't work. So I tried saving each page as a ".html" file and uploading it to the host. This didn't work either. Now that iWeb '09 allows exporting to places other than just MobileMe, is there a way to update my site using iWeb? How would I do this? Has any other Dotster user done this? If this isn't possible, then does MobileMe allow you to pay extra for a ".com" domain name? How much does this cost? Has anybody had experience with this. I know for a fact that MobileMe's interface would be a million times better than the crap I'm going through with Dotster! If this were possible, I know I'd be paying less for MobileMe, getting 19GB more than I am now, it would work with syncing my iPod Touch to my MacBook and the "Cloud", and there would be WAY more features. Let me know what you think or if this is possible! Thanks!