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    I was thinking of getting a .mac account, but it seems a bit expensive. I like the idea of the webdisk and being able to access files from anywhere. The email seems nice, but my gmail account seems more practical with 1 GB of storage. 250 mb of storage on .mac seems a bit small, especially for the price you have to pay. 5 years ago it would seem like a lot, but when gmail is "giving" a gig of storage away (except its only for email and not a webdisk) it doesn't seem like much. The idisk integrated into the finder is a nice idea, and the homepage in which its really easy to post your pictures is nice too. But again, $139 CDN is quite pricey. And US 99.95 at current exchange is only $128 CDN, so apple is ripping me off $11 CDN as well.

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    I picked up .Mac the other night when I bought my powerbook ($69USD deal they have w/ system purchase). It is a bit expensive for only 250mb, but it is also very nicely integrated and the templates are very easy to use. That's mainly what you're paying for really. I've been using Nvu to create my site, although they do make it easy to add external html files. I'm pleased with .Mac so far.

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