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    good graphics programmes?
    Hi, just started on my new and first website (slowly learning html), and was wondering if there were any good free programmes out there, that I can make some cool headings and images with??

    any suggestions?



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    gimp is good

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    illustrator, photoshop, freehand and fireworks are ok, also corel has a few ok apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macman
    illustrator, photoshop, freehand and fireworks are ok, also corel has a few ok apps.

    Maybe you didn't read the "free" part. Those programs cost hundreds and are way more than he needs technically. Try out a program called Seashore, its a version of Gimp that has been made to work in Mac OS X.

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    Toy Viewer (Free) will allow you change graphics around and has plenty of options.
    Pixen (Free) is made for small pixel graphics.
    Have a look at all the options available in AppleWorks too.
    Last but not least Have fun.
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