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    Need help with Fetch.
    i currently work for National newspapers making press packages from Premiership press conferences. When i have finished editing my package i upload different files to different ftp addresses in Fetch.

    Myself and a friend would like to set up our own fetch account because we want to put all our work in a database so we can gain access to it and so it is on the net aswell just in cases our comps break or something.

    How do i go about making my own ftp address in fetch? Does it dl it for me?
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    Generally you need a ftp server to run the ftp repository. Your mac has ftp but since you are looking for a place (another machine) to back up your files this won't help you much. Unless you have access to another server, you can look for a public ftp site that allows uploads to park your files on. Although I don't use Fetch and looking at the website for the software, it appears to be a only a client program.

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    Correct, Fetch is only a client. You need to find a web hoster with ftp or set up a dedicated machine with an ftp server.
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