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Stanley 09-12-2003 04:34 AM

XHTML buzz
Can anyone tell me why XHTML is such a big deal ? I started reformatting my HTML-code into XHTML (only lowercase, close all tags, allways "alt"-attributes with images,...) because i guess it's just good practice these days. But I don't see any real benefits uptil now...
I try to position as many things with CSS as possible, but I still use a lot of tables...


Murlyn 09-12-2003 05:24 AM

Well I believe it's just because it's the intermediary step between HTML and XML... there really is no good reason, except clean code, to do it in xhtml if you have a simple site.. I like XHTML just because it helps me keep my code looking good :)

Stanley 09-12-2003 05:37 AM


Originally Posted by Murlyn
I like XHTML just because it helps me keep my code looking good :)

True :-)

Now about XHTML as the missing link between XML and HTML

I still have no idea how to see the direct use of XML in a browser. I use XML files as a datasource in flash projects though, and there I see what it's good for.

Still many questions... I am not a Jedi yet I suppose...


Murlyn 09-12-2003 06:03 AM

Well basically as I understand it.. yes you use it as a datasource and then using xsl.. I believe is the name of it, you determine how your xml is supposed to be shown.. again I see this as a lot more trouble then it is worth..

here is a bit about xsl:


muso 09-13-2003 02:06 AM

XHTML is all about standards. I believe HTML 4.0 was interpreted in widely different ways between platforms and browsers, therefore XHTML (which has a clear set of rules to follow and forces developers to use clean code) was 'invented'.

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