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    Problem with adress
    Hi, I'm new here and I have a question:
    I created a site with iWeb, and hosted it on the space my internet provider keeps for me. I bought the adress at another place, because the internet provider doesn't sell adresses.
    So, my site is on for just over a week now, and a friend informed me that I actually have three adresses, not one.... He said the internet provider should solve the problem. The internet provider was contacted, and they say I should solve the problem, because they can't do it... My friend used to work with a internet hosting company, and he is convinced I can't do anything about this...
    Putting everything on one address is important for the page ranking on google, so everything is concentrated, and not spread around on three adresses...
    Now, can anyone help me ? What should be done to put the site under one adress??

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    When you buy a web address all you are doing is buying a pointer to a computer's IP address. You need to find out from your web space provider, what the IP address is then log into your web address provider and set the DNS record to that IP address.
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    Hey, thanks for the info, but this has already been done by the place where I bought my name...
    Here are the adresses:
    and the third one wouldn't copy, I have to place it without http and so on:

    fulladsl is the name of the internet provider, and thus of the host, the spb number is the personal number at the fulladsl space... Now, how do I bring everything to the first,
    did I do something wrong with the name of the folder where the site is saved (on my computer), or is this out of my control?

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    Hi orflo, So you created your super veggie site and uploaded all the files into the www folder... Yes?
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    Are you saying that you have 3 different copies of your website on the host's servers or that the 3 addresses you have posted all get you to your website?

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    Feb 24, 2009
    I did upload the site into a www folder, and used cyberduck to place the site in the provided webspace.
    And I only have one site, but it can be reached from three addresses....

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    Seems to be working the way it should.

    You ought to be able to access a web site with or without the www part in front of it.

    For instance Apple's web site can be obtained by either:

    As for the third address, that is actually the web hosts file location where you ftp all your files.

    And NO. I'm not affiliated with Apple in any way. I just thought this would be a prime example only. Afterall, this is a Apple Mac forum.


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    Feb 24, 2009
    You could be right about the with and without www, but I definitely want to get rid of the file location address, I checked the analytics settings and this registrates the two addresses seperately when someone is looking for something specific. Can I change this?
    If you go to any website, you don't get to see this file location address, but you get to see for example:, and not the whole ftp upload address with apios included, I can't remember another place where I ever saw this.
    You'll see apple/downloads for instance, and not users. me/yyy1111/apple/downloads (just inventing some address), and that's what happens on my site...How can I adapt this?

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