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    Can't get mail client to work with hosting company serer
    I currently lease a Plesk server from Interland and am in the process of dumping it. I have about 10 clients plus my 2 sites on Plesk. I switched over my 2 business sites to individual accounts. I can send and receive via webmail. But in any and all email clients, I get an error message saying server rejects password. I switched outgoing to my ISP so I can send from my email client which helps a little. Repeated calls and trouble tickets sent to Interland result in them telling me it's a problem on my end. I thought maybe their was a keychain I'm missing so I reformatted an old HD I had and can't send or receive from that. Any suggestions (besides advising me to move to another company which is a last resort). Thanks.

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    Have you tried adding a on the end of the username in the Mail preferences > accounts tab?
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    I run a plesk server, and this is what I and my clients use:

    In/Out Mail Server :
    Username : 1stpart of your email before the @
    (altho I think should work too)

    For sending, click Server Settings on the outgoing mail server, and change that to Password with your username and password.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks. I'm dumping Plesk. It's the new apache server. They want me to use: for incoming and outgoing. I typed in the same pw I use for webmail and nada. I changed outgoing to and that worked. Still can't receive. A real ****-off as I have all my mailboxes set up the way I like it. On top of that, webmail is like watching grass grow.

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    Don't know if this is a factor but my modem is connected to a hub and from there to all my computers in the office. Maybe I need to reconfigure hub. It's been so long, I don't remember what I did when I set it up.

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