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Thread: Who blogs?

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    Who blogs?
    Hey guys

    I am considering starting to blog. I have read a few blogs from people that live a similar lifestyle to me and they are pretty poor. I am considering starting my own blog in both English and Japanese (I am bad at Japanese but I want to do it for the practise really). I was just wondering who blogs and why? Also what hosts do you recommend?
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    Just use Blogspot

    It's a standard.

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    i blog, using iweb 08 (though now iweb 09 but kept the theme).

    my blog is about anything apple, but i generally focus on iphone and ipod touch apps.

    i do my blog as a hobby, and post often.

    i use mobile me as my host, its fine though it can be a little slow at times.

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    i blog using its easy simple and great for start ups and has great methods for upgrading the blog here and there.

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    I also use the ubiquitous, easy to use, free and blog on the travel industry as it relates to sports and athletics as a means to drive traffic to a specific website on travel and athletics. they are pretty useful and proven tools .

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