Hey guys,
I don't know if some of you ever used Pathway (here the link: http://pathway.screenager.be/). It was a great application to browse mainly Wikipedia pages and keep your researches tracked and displayed in a conveniently clickable image. So, if you were looking some page in Wikipedia and wanted to go back to the main topic of your research, you simply check out the image and followed the links of it. It is hard to explain it in words, so it would be great if you give a look to the webpage to understand what I'm talking about.
Now, Pathway is not longer supported and the last update date back 2007.
It has some stability issues, but it is a really great app that I would love to use more and more. In fact, it would be wonderful is you guys could tell me if there is some other browser to surf the web that use similar features that Pathway offers: visual track of the surfing, saveable research and so forth.
Moreover, if someone of you want to program a browser like that I'm going to be the first buyer!

Thanks for your help