How to add a contact form on website from iweb?

I don't think coding is required to add a contact form on website from iweb.

As sites such as (only free sevice):,, and already have preloaded contact forms with a ready-made HTML code. I just have to choose the right contact form and copy-paste the HTML code into the HTML snippet (from iweb).

After I publish the site with the form, I test it. The problem was that when i fill the form and click submit, the filled form actually gets sent to the email address i entered into the form. Unfortunately, I don't want this.

When customers arrive at my website i want them to write their Name, Company, Email, Contact Purpose, Subject and Description onto that form and click submit so that their message is directly sent to my domain email address which i assign at the start.
It seems there isn't any the assigning setting when i start the process in the first paragraph...

Please help, thanks...