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    uploading just the photos using FTP
    how can i jsut update the photo albums page of my site witout having to update the entire contents of the site

    say i add a new album how do i jsut FTP that album rather then all of them


    oh and i am using iweb but not using mobile or .mac

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    I recommend a stand alone FTP product like Captain FTP. All you do is log into your site via the FTP app, navigate the left window to your local website file, and navigate your right side window to the directory on your site where the file is that you updated locally & want to upload, then it is as simple as grabbing that local file from left window and dropping it over onto the server (at the same path of course) and overwriting that 1 single file you edited in the right window. this way, you only upload the 1 file you touched. now, of course, if you added images or scripts or css to that 1 page, you also have to navigate to those paths and grab those files and carry them over 1 by 1 to your server and drop them in place.

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