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    Hello. I am trying to make a simple file organizer for scanned files. Basically what I would like to do is scan something then have a dialogue box ask some questions and put the file in the appropriate spot.
    What language would be the best for this? I would like to learn one anyways so it will be a good goal (I understand that it will take awhile before I will be able to do this). Thanks.

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    I don't think the web design forum is right for this question, but if you want to design on a Mac, you are probably looking at Objective-C and Cocoa.

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    Yes, web design doesn't sem to be the right forum. As far as languages though, i think Java or C++ will work (not positive about Java but i think it could manage). I'm not sure what the best is, though. I do know your mac probably comes with a C++ compiler already on it through terminal (i think) so you may just want to do that.

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    Thanks for the info. Maybe a mod will move the thread (I should have posted it in the software development section) . Will just normal C work or will i have to learn C++?

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    Since you placed this question in the web design section, I'm going to assume you are thinking of using a web page for this rather than doing this locally on your Mac.

    There isn't a particular 'best language' for this. I'd recommend Perl or PHP simply because of all the sources for information available. Learning a scripting language is a good place to start programming.
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    I've started learning C, and will hopefully soon move to Objective-C. I am using XCode to write/compile. Thanks Again.

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