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    link folder
    ok here it goes
    well i am doing a site in php on abyss server and the web pages are in the htdocs folder
    what i would like to do is to have a link to the folders n files on my desktop

    eg. /Users/johnswanton/Desktop/

    i know for links within the root folder are
    <a href="index.php">link</a>

    so what would it be for files and folder on the desktop

    thx in advance

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    I assume you're just asking about basic HTML links (sending viewers to a page within a folder, not pointing viewers from your webpage to your desktop folder as a file server). In this case, wherever the file you are currently editing (index.html for instance) is considered the root folder. If you want to point to a file in a sub-folder you would use something like this <a href="Folder_2/page.html">link</a> (note: you don't need a slash before the folder as you do on a computer file system). If you want to go back up to the root folder from the sub-folder you would use something like this <a href=".../index.html">link</a> (the 3 dots signify going up a directory, so if you needed to go up two directories you would use .../.../folder.

    Hope that makes it a bit clearer for you.

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