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    Indexing on Google
    I was just wonder . . .

    I've got a Wordpress site site up on fatcow. I started a couple of months ago. I've got a plug-in for auto sitemaps, and its the same one I use on all my site and it seems to work very well. On this new site, however, I get this in Google tools.

    any idea why all the pages are not being indexed?

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    You said it's a new site, correct? Google takes a little while to fully index a new site - but it will. Login to the Google Webmaster Tools site and poke around the help pages and FAQs, which explain this better. You might also wish to check the Diagnostics section of Google Webmaster Tools to be sure you have no crawl problems - but you're probably good to go. My last site took a month before Google started keeping up closely with new published content - but I started with a lot more content at the launch.  work smarter
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    Thanks. I'll keep a watch.

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    Exactly… google takes some time to index a new site. To get indexed in the google, try these things

    Submit your xml site map to search engines
    Update and refresh your site content at regular intervals
    Do some off- page optimization.

    These things would certainly help your site indexing in the search engines.

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