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    Unhappy PDF to HTML? Using Acrobat 8 pro makes rubbish..
    out of it. Any safe way for a graphics heavy PDF to be converted to an HTML without it going to **** in a handbasket? Especially if I send it to a PC user.
    I've tried using software called "PDFtoHTML" but it works sporadically. Anybody have any ideas?

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    There's a few online tools you could try but really converting PDF to anything else is often a lost cause if you want a workable file. You could try workarounds like taking a snapshot of the pictures (cmd-shift-4) and recreating the document in HTML or an editor like iWeb or Dreamweaver. Would take longer but you'd have a proper, clean and coherent file at the end of it. Not some thing with loads of formatting errors and random code strewn throughout it.
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    Anything that tries to convert an image/layout into html is never going to be 100% and will undoubtly end up working for only a slice of the browsers out there.
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