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    Batch Update HTML Files?
    Hello all,

    I am a bit new to the Mac world and have finally ditched my last Windows PC. I have gone to edit my web page and cannot figure out how to batch update all my HTML files at once.

    All my HTML files have the same side bar, header, and footer. Sometimes those need to be changed (which would cause that change on ALL the HTML files).

    On my windows machine, my HTML editor had a function where I could do a find and replace of all HTML files in a directory. Is there any way to do that on a Mac? Free SW would be nice but I know that isn't always the case.


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    You can do it with Rage Web Design. The program isn't free but you can download a trial version:

    WebDesign: Download the Mac HTML Editor | RAGE WebDesign for Mac OS X

    If you plan on working on websites with HTML, I'd highly recommend Rage Web Design. I've tried all of the HTML editors, and Web Design is, in my opinion, the best with the most features. And it's reasonably priced.

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    The 'best' way would be to make the common HTML code into seperate file that each of your pages just includes so that you only have to make changes to the one file.

    However, what you asked for is a cross-file search and replace tool . . . . Text Wrangler has such a feature Bare Bones Software | Benefits


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