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    i want to develop a content management system for a furniture shop and i want to incorporate a bespke facility within the website but i am having great difficulties to find adequate resources. i am using PHP, HTML and mySQL as my languages.
    does anyone have any idea as to what i can do and what is availabe free to me in order to implement this?
    any help would be greatly appreciated :miner:

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    How would you like the user to interact with the website and make a request?

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    basically what i want is lets say i have a page advertising different types of wardrobes availabe from my showroom the customer has a choice of selecting an option that says "make your own" and once that is selected it brings you to a new page where the customer can choose the color of the wardrobe from a set of listed colours and then choose the type of wood, then the size and finally the handles for the doors. all these options will be available from some kind of drop down menu and then when the customer clicks on make my wardrobe button it will make it according to the specifcations and then maybe print that page off.
    i hope i am making some sense to you but is something like this possible using the languages talked about.
    if yes is it really complicated?
    thank you

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    Not really complicated, but you most likely will not find this in an existing eCommerce application - at least not to suit your needs.

    I just developed a site for a custom PC maker that sounds pretty similar. Basically you just need to create the DB with your desired structure. Something along the lines of:

    table.Categories (tables, dressers, beds, etc)
    table.Handles (brass, silver, etc)
    table.Colors (red, blue, etc)

    And on and on. Basically for everything that you want an option to customize, you will set up a table to store all options.

    The actual page the customer visits to customize a piece would simply pull the data (via mySQL queries) from each table and populate a drop down list with each record.

    After submitting the requirements, this page would call a second page to make sure the customer didn't make any mistakes and filled out everything required, and email the order to you. (and preferably insert the order into an orders table.)

    Pretty basic coding, and you should be able to get it done fairly cheaply.

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