and prolly for iweb 08 as well, i have no idea.

but, i seen other people asking for a fix or workaround for publishing multiple sites in iweb.

well i figured out a trick today.

as most are aware, if you make multiple sites in iweb 06, when you export to folder, you get one index.html that corresponds with the first website in your list, and all the other index.html's are in the folders of your other websites.

well if you drag the website to the top of the list, the index.html out in the main directory of where you exported to then goes to the site on the top of your list.

i personally have 2 websites i'm making, and i'm using two different folders. one folder for one website, one folder for the other. whenever i need to update, i just drag the site i'm working on to the top of the list, and update it in the proper folder.