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Thread: HTML editor?

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    Desolate One
    HTML editor?
    So what do you guys use to edit your HTML documents? While @ work I'm on a Win2k machine and use notepad. When I try to edit the page in AppleWorks I tend to destroy it. I know I'm doing something wrong here, I just can't figure it out... Well at the moment because I'm at the boozer (free Wi-fi!!!!). Anyway, any tips would be much appreciated.


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    Try using TextEdit.. Im guessing Appleworks has it's own proprietory format and throws in a lot of extra characters. When using TextEdit make sure that you safe it in text format, not rtf. I use BBEdit.. best editor ever in my opinion

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    Dreamweaver and BBedit for me.

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    TextWrangler, TextWrangler, TextWrangler

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    I highly suggest SubEthaEdit if you're into hand coding. Otherwise Dreamweaver seems to be the standard.
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    Desolate One
    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll check them out and see which one suits my needs! :mac:

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    Noooo dont listen to them, NVU is the best and its free (from the labs of mozilla)

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    Desolate One
    Quote Originally Posted by flonejek
    Noooo dont listen to them, NVU is the best and its free (from the labs of mozilla)
    That looks interesting. I'll give that a go and see how I like it. So far I've been liking TextWrangler as far as hand-edited HTML goes. Anyone here use NVU? Impressions?

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    For most basic HTML Editing I just Textedit in TEXT mode. Works great. Appleworks is saving with all kinds of Formatting commands thus messing it all up. I will have to check but it might have a text save and if so will work. That NVU looks interesting. Grabbing it now.

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