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    Nested tables and images in Dreamweaver
    I'm trying to create a newsletter in dreamweaver. Because of all the restrictions in layout objects in Outlook 2007 i have to create the whole thing in tables without using AP Div's.
    I have an image i've put in a table using 1 row and 1 collum, i'm now trying to nest another table onto that picture but the table keeps appearing under the image. In Outlook 2007 i can't use backgroundpictures in tables, is there any other way to get the table over the image?

    Hope you can help!!!!!

    thanks, Gaby

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    Well, the simplest thing would be to try putting it as the background of the table/cell. Did you try using CSS to make it work? If it's a normal img tag, it's going to push text and elements around/above/under it.

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