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    ASP.Net on a Mac (dreamweaver)

    Does anyone know of any guides / help about how to set up ASP.Net in Dreamweaver CS3 Mac. I've tried messing around with the testing server settings in the manage sites wizard, but i still get the same problem:

    Whenever i view my pages in a browser, it only shows the code.

    I normally wouldn't bother with it, but I do have some .Net websites i made ages ago for a client, and its really annoying having to launch parallels and visual studio to have a play around (and take screenshots for prospective clients).


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    ASP.Net requires a Windows based web server (IIS specifically). You won't be able to run the code (at least natively) on OS X. You could set up a virtual Windows server using something like VMWare. Or if you have a separate Windows server sitting around somewhere you can use that. Actually, you can install IIS on Windows XP Pro, so you wouldn't need a server version.

    What you are seeing is that the web server doesn't know how to handle the .aspx extention, so is just passing it all to you as text.

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    While Thyamine is right about why you're just seeing the code, it is actually possible to run ASP.NET on MacOS via projects like Mono, Cocoa# and so on.

    That said, I would advise against it. It sounds terrible to even advocate this as someone who moved to MacOS solely for development purposes, but I'd sooner develop .NET on a decent Windows machine with Visual Studio. No headaches.

    I'd either live with virtualization or consider learning another language. If you're coding in C#, you should be able to pick up another object oriented language in no time.

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