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    Hello All.

    I want to build a website, and I have no experience, at all.

    I've bought a domain name, and have been playing with IWeb.

    I am now thinking about hardware. I have access to a good deal on an IMac G5. Better options aside, would this be adequate?

    Also, I have seen some talk about OSX Client/OSX Server. I take it OSX Server is necessary? Is it free?

    What other advice would be good to know?

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    I used an iMac G5 successfully, if you want php pages, ie, contact forms etc then I suggest you buy Rapidweaver, RapidWeaver 4 - Powerful Web Design Software for Mac OS X
    its easy to use, WYSIWYG, and you will be up and running in no time
    No, you dont need a server, just a good host. I use MD Webhosting, but there are many out there
    Mac is like a car, keep clean and up to date and it will give you many hours of good driving

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    Dec 30, 2008
    I think I want to be my own host.

    I can do that, right?

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    Any mac running OS X can become a web host, but I am not sure you can map your domain name to it - I am not sure though

    You can simply enable web sharing to activate OS X's built in Apache web server
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