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    website builder for newbie!
    hi. i need to find software that would allow me to build a website that displays my artwork. i need the easiest thing i can get as i am not savvy in this department!!. this summer i tried to learn dreamweaver in a very short summer class but it was over my head. i need software that is appropriate for displaying clear images, has ease of use but allows for some creativity. i hear iweb is somewhat inflexible. also, it is not important that i sell the work on the site. i can do that via contact info.
    Please help and thank you in advance!!!

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    Check out this thread of people's iWeb sites. I have used iWeb for making a site for a vacation rental I have. There wasn't anything I couldn't do. Also on there is a link to site that will give you instruction on EVERYTHING, it's what I used to help me build my site.

    My site

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    iweb, it is. i will check out those links. thanks so much!

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