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Thread: Whats the best (easy) website builder w/ecommerce

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    Dec 27, 2008
    Whats the best (easy) website builder w/ecommerce
    Need your help to find the easiest website builder, that I can sell my products on. Will need hosting also. Built a site on iweb, but now I want to sell stuff too.
    Doesnt have to be a free webbuilder, either. Thanks!

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    Rapidweaver, RapidWeaver 4 - Powerful Web Design Software for Mac OS X
    Lots of plugins and themes available, look in the add ons for storefront stuff
    great programme, you will be up and running in no time.
    As for webhosts, plenty our there, but I use MD Webhosting, reliable uptime, reasonable price
    Web Hosting Plan Comparison :: MD Web Hosting
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    I would definitely second the recommendation for RapidWeaver.

    I use Little Oak Hosting and they're terrific. They have a variety of packages available, including a seedling package for those who don't need huge amounts of disk space or bandwidth. Their service is great and they are very Mac-savvy.

    Little Oak - a small company with a hands-on, personal approach.

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    Thank You for your responses!
    I will look into rapidweaver. What do you think about going thru yahoo small business or something like that where its like one stop shopping? website builder, hosting & merchant handling. I mean I've been searching thru these forums and no one recommends yahoo or godaddy, where you can buy everything from your domain name to build a website to whatever. Do you know why that is? It just seems more convenient.

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