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    Transmit FTP help!
    I have taken on the project of adding a wordpress theme to my blog. I am fairly new to this but I am making a lot of progress. Here is were I am stuck.

    I bought transmit.
    I down-loaded the theme I wanted.
    I used Transmit to upload it (or at least I think I did)
    The the theme does not appear in the wordpress themes section.
    I am stuck.




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    You have to upload the theme's folder to [your blog folder]/wp-content/themes.

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    Another thing to check is if you uploaded the correct folder. If you uploaded a like this:
    Theme/Theme/"themefiles"/ You need the second theme folder in that list, so that there is one folder that contains only all the files for the theme.

    If you uploaded both folders, WordPress will look inside the first folder and not see any theme files, so it will ignore that theme.
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    I will try both suggestions.

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