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mikegold 01-27-2005 06:38 PM

WinXP/Front Page user moving to Mac
I've been building my personal family website using Front Page for a few years but now I'm switching to a new iMac.

I've tried out Dreamweaver but it is not quite as simple to use as FrontPage and ease of use and very low learning curve is more important to me on this.

Would Macromedia Contribute be more of what I am looking for?

flonejek 01-27-2005 09:49 PM

umm you could try NVU though its inbetween Frontpage and Dreamweaver in terms of ease of use. This options free, so give it a whirl anyway.

If you're willing to pay may I suggest you try Pages from the iWork suite, it outputs very clean html that renders right pretty much everywhere (I've been playing with it) and its probably easier to use than MS Word at creating paces, though Word and Frontpage do prouce substandard html.

I'd reccomend using Pages to create documents because it has better css support than NVU which essentially means your fonts and formatting are less likely to get messed up.

fusionJava 01-28-2005 10:34 AM

This seems like a possible alternative:

Brigrat 01-30-2005 12:30 PM

I have been using PageSpinner since swiching, i like it a lot, and it was very resonably priced, you can try it free for two weeks by downlading it from versiontracker.

ryanyogan 02-10-2005 01:37 AM

Are you using front page as a design/template editor... Or are you using it as a straight cut HTML editor? Dreamweaver may seem complex however it is actually extremly simple for the most part, just ignore all the different scripting / programming features it has and you can get the basic task's done easily.

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