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    Oct 05, 2008
    using multiple mobileme accounts
    Hi there macfans/users,

    OK: I am almost happy with how this all works. However: I am using 2 different mobileme accounts. On for myself and 1 for my work. Completely diffenent and I like to keep it that way. Now; my home computer is way faster than the one at work so I edit the website and it's content at home. In iWeb.
    BUT: how do I change the iweb account to push the site to the right .me account? I don't want to overwrite my own one. I know already how to swap the domain files so the woring on the sites is already no problem. Its the uploading..... Anyone? Please?

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    Oct 05, 2008
    Anyone? Please?
    Still strugling using 2 mac accounts on my macpro.

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    I would love to know the answer to this one. I have a second address and cannot find a way for just that one to be downloaded to my cell phone. I am at the point where I think the only way that happens is if I purchase it (add-on to my current account).

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