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Thread: Help, my website got hacked!

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    Help, my website got hacked!
    I am active in a club, which is related to a club that I'm volunteering my time to. I volunteered myself to build the club a website for their upcoming event. So I'm making the website out of the goodness of my heart. I'm okay at building websites, but not perfect, I'm learning. But just in the past couple of days, the blog and the guestbook were hacked and defaced, and I had not backed them up. I only bothered to backup the essential parts of the website. And it completely slipped my mind to update them. I know, I have learned my lesson.

    I'm scrapping the blog, because it never got much use anyways. So I will not be needing a blog.

    But I need some help finding a "free" guestbook. There are just too many to choose from; I'm not sure which ones are secure and which aren't. I'm thinking about a guestbook that uses PHP and/or MySQL. Your input will be appreciated greatly.

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    I suggest you back up anyways. I would gauge the security by Google. :bone:

    Search for something like:
    GuestBookName "security hole"

    Don't put the guestbook script name in quotes. The less results, the better. :cool:

    BTW, I work in a data center and hard drives die as well.

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