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    How would i do this web technique?
    I made a website awhile ago (it's not up at the moment or i'd show you) where you click on the link Pictures and it goes to a pop-up window/new tabbed window (either/or not sure which) that in the lower right has 1 out of xx and in the middle is the picture. Now is there a simple way to have that page generated and automatically when you click to go to the next picture the number updats... to say 2 out of xx, 3 out of xx, and auto-load the next picutre. I am trying to figure out how to basically make a gallery efficently without having one page per picture and linking them all, because this gets tedious if you have 72 pictures (that's how i did it on this website becuse i wasn't sure how to do it any other way).

    Any ideas?

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    I do not want image effects (if that is what you are suggestion ... i looked at the website and it seems you are) but some type of script that will generate one page for multiple images where you click pictures link and it pop's up a window that shows a image and a 1 out of xx and then you click the picture and it goes to the next in line (but not shown at all in the previous 'webspace') and i want to try to do this without making a webpage for EACH picture (so instead of having say 20 websites with one picture each saying 1 out of 20 2 out of 20 3 out of 20) it'll be won page that loads the pictures with some type of script and ups the numbers.

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