I'm still using a white 13" Macbook with Tiger - and have been avoiding upgrading to Leopard or buying a new Macbook because of iWeb.

I have three different sites built in iWeb 06 and they work very nicely. I have a desktop Mac Mini with iWeb 08, and I've tried to transfer the sites to iWeb 08. The iWeb part of it works fine, but my problem is with what comes after.

I don't use .Mac, instead I publish directly to a folder with my domain names. Apparently one of the "sticks" Apple uses to get iWeb users to subscribe to .Mac is the complicated page naming system used by iWeb when you publish to a folder - those who have tried it know what I'm talking about. Fortunately, there is a tool called iWebExtender that I use which simplifies ("flattens") the folder structure, and changes the URLs in the files to reflect the simpler structure. So instead of http://xxx/yyy/xxx/page.html that iWeb builds, your page address would be http://xxx/page.html after being "treated" with iWebExtender.

Unfortunately iWebExtender doesn't work in iWeb 08 - the folder structure is radically different, and it would take extensive html editing to fix things up (might as well code by hand!). I have not found an equivalent tool that works with the new iWeb (if anyone knows of one please let me know!).

Eventually I am going to have to upgrade, and I plan to continue using iWeb 06, if I can. I tried installing iWeb 08 on Tiger when it first came out, and through a lot of .plist file editing, was able to get rid of it. Would the same editing work to downgrade back to iWeb 06 if installed Leopard? Or would the change be so extensive that I would break something in the other iLife apps or the system itself? If anyone can help I would really appreciate it, as I haven't seen these questions addressed in any other forum.