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    Sites Losing My Preserved UserName/Passwords
    I carefully keep both a TextEdit file and a printout of all my user names and passwords used on the Net and update it regularly. During the last year or so I continually go back to a site I haven't visited for many months and when I try to log in am told my login is invalid. Even going to the "lost password" option (which I didn't!) often doesn't get me in, and also often when I enter my user name it says someone else is already using that name (of course - me!). What in the world could be causing sites to lose my login info?? Using 10.5.5 on an iMac but I think this started back when I was using Tiger too.

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    Using any cache cleaning utility such as Onyx?

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    It could be also that certain websites delete accounts that haven't been accessed in x amount of months.

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