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Thread: iweb gallery page disappeared

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    Aug 20, 2008
    iweb gallery page disappeared
    This is a new site I'm working on, it's never been published.

    I have 3 seperate galleries on it and this morning when I turned on iweb to work on the site one of the galleries was gone! The gallery page is still in the navigation menu on the left, named as it was, however when you click on that page iweb displays a blank white page. All the pics, the entire template is gone. The gallery is also gone on that main gallery page that displays all your galleries. The other 2 are still there.

    WTF??? I worked all night selecting pics to add, adding captions... I saved, closed the book, and woke up to this?

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    Feb 08, 2008
    Wish I could help you. I also have problem with iWeb deleting stuff that takes hours to do, save and when I go back its gone or gives me error messages saying files cannot be found.
    I've quit iWeb and restarted and that has helped a couple of times, it would be great if Apple could sort these things out as well as being updating a site without reloading the whole site.

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