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Thread: FTP hosting on an iBook G3 (toilet seat)

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    FTP hosting on an iBook G3 (toilet seat)
    So I have my old iBook G3... the colored kind that looks like a toilet seat. I decided to set up an ftp host for the heck of it. It is running 10.2.8, 466 MHz, 128 MB... I know, not too exciting. I am using DynDNS 1.2 updater because the newer versions were not compatible with 10.2. I also downloaded an earlier version of pureftpd manager (1.2), but am not quite sure how I should configure it. Any ideas? I really only want it for personal use and maybe for my girlfriend to sign on to too. Do I even need to use pureftp, or should I just give her her own system user account?

    I really should hook my old external HD up to this too, because right now I only have a dismal 6.5 GB of hd space.

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    pureftpd manager is the way to go, it makes it easy to setup different users and control what folders they can access, making the FTP server more secure
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