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Thread: dreamweaver image and table help

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    dreamweaver image and table help

    I'm very new to web design and I'm currently in the process of making my first website.

    I've designed it all in photoshop and now all I need to do is transfer the graphics to dreamweaver.

    I have created a background image which I have set in dreamweaver as the background for the website, and I have managed to centre this in the browser.

    At the bottom of this background picture there is a menu bar, on which I want to put the words: 'home', 'about', 'contact' etc, graphics which I have also designed in photoshop, saved in .png and imported into dreamweaver.

    I understand that in order to position an image wherever you want in dreamweaver you need to put it in a 'table', is that right? I have tried doing that but when I do 'preview in browser', it doesn't appear as I imagine, with the picture positioned in a different place, and not 'following' the background when the browser window is stretched or shrunk... (in other words, re-sized)

    Here is a link to the index page of my site, it might make things easier to understand! Untitled Document

    Basically, I would like the 'home' graphic to be positioned just to the right of the treble clef on the menu bar, and I would like it to be fixed there so that when the browser window is re-sized, it stays in the same position on the bar.

    Thanks a lot for reading!


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    If you are getting into web design I'd start learning CSS (cascading style sheets) instead of tables. It's a bit tricky to get used to but you won't go back to table based design once you understand how it works.

    Check out Cascading Style Sheets for some free tutorials

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    Actually you want to use absolute div tags for that. Tables are a no no >_>"

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