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    Designed e-mail

    I'min the process of setting up a buisness and need to design a newsletter that I will be sending out monthly by email. How can I desgin this so it's consistent with the rest of the buisness stationery. Will need logo, a few photos in it and maybe a background colou on some areas.

    Thanks for any help


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    I don't understand the question. Are you asking how do you design consistently? Elaborate and maybe someone can help you.

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    Thanks for replying.
    If you get an email of ebay or amazon or any big company they usualy look like their website with header's and image's etc. Just need to know how they are designed, is it HTML?

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    Well, I do a newsletter for a local aquarium club. I usually just paste the banner in the e-mail. Maybe, if you had pages, you can make the newsletter there, and copy and paste style into the e-mail. I think that could work. (Never tried it, though).
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