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    Online shop Hosting help please
    Ay up. I am currently setting up my own business in the UK. I am a student so cost has to be at an absolute minimum. I am going to use iweb for my site. A domain name will be purchased cheaply as you all know and attached to the iweb site. However i would like to set up an online shop and was wondering if anybody could recommend a good online shop hosting programme?
    Also an online shop i can have a hand in the colour (not spelt wrong) lol, and the layout etc so it looks like an extension of my site.

    Any help would be valuable.

    many thanks
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    I use 50webs.coms free service and it's decent. No downtime thus far. They don't support database driven sites under their free program, but do for those who pay. I'm also going to try out for my next site. They have a $1.67mo program which offer database support. Mind if I ask what you will be selling? Good luck with your endeavors.

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